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Why your label needs embossing

By Helen Dugdale.
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If you’re thinking about redesigning your labels then maybe it’s time to give embossing some attention. Embossing raises print from two dimensional whining "pick me, pick me" to bold, confident three dimensional "I am the best." More and more we see designers recognising the value of embossing to raise the brand up.

Market research tells us that if you can get a product in to a client’s hand then you are 80% more likely to sell and that perception of quality is equally reinforced through touch as sight.

Embossing used to be limited to the finer end of the whiskey market, but we see it now cropping up on gin, wine and beer. We are even starting to see some food brands realising the potential and the requirement to not just look good but feel good, too.

At Label Apeel we have been very lucky to have one of the World’s best embossing and foil die manufacturers on our doorstep. Thomlinsons have been making dies for over 50 years, but only recently have they brought their immense knowledge and skills to the packaging and particularly the label industry. Between us we have forged a partnership that is changing the way embossing and foiling are being used in label design. Between us we are able to offer not just emboss and deboss dies, but also fluted dies that incorporate both emboss and foiling in the same die, there are also unification dies and textured foils. Not to mention security foiling.

Have a look at some of the labels we’ve created that show embossing at its best, Kookiburra, Bootstraps and Gilpin's Gin.    

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Mezan Rum
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