57° Skye - Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels

About the label:

The visual imagery is only a small part of the story that a label must tell. All products come from an emotional place and the label must tell that emotional story. Like all great stories a label is a three act performance. The 1st act is the concept, the 2nd act is the design and the 3rd act is the print.

Adhesive Labels 2

Though this is no murder mystery. This is a passionate and tempestuous love story set on the farms and fields that abut the rocky coastline of the Isle of Skye. The contrast of this thick and luxurious cotton paper with the clear foil emphasise this contrast. The use of embossing to pick out the topography and the use of earthy colours brings us back to the land that this product tells the story of.

Adhesive Labels 3

The intricate design of the cork seal epitomises the detail that the designer has gone to on this gin label packaging. Requiring an intricate knowledge of the forces at play and the qualities of the adhesive, this is a masterful detail from a designer who understands their craft. A truly beautiful example of adhesive labels.