Salcombe Distillery - Marabelle

Gin Labels Marabelle 2

About the label:

Patience, ambition and tenacity - the additional traits you need if you want to achieve something truly special. Layer these on top of excellent craftsmanship, innovative thinking and precision investment. Then you have the right chemistry to make something unique. This label has been designed to be a stand alone brand for a specific market. The label projects the story, of navigation, the sea and luxury cruising.


So what makes it special? A heady mixture of the obvious, the subtle and the sublime. The obvious? Lets talk about the emboss. By using a sculpted emboss shape and a high quality thick material we are able to really push the emboss super high. The emboss grabs the eye and makes you want to touch it. Even looking at it on screen, you want to know what it feels like.


The imagery on the reverse side of the label, is bold and dark and continues the story of navigation and the high seas. It is subtly exposed and draws the viewer in by using the wrap around trapezium shape of the label to only allow glimpses. These glimpses are magnified through the bottle and become an enticing secondary point of interest.

Now add in the choice of colour, and the fine foiling. You have a combination that is strong, purposeful and exceptional.