Shaped and Internal Die-cutting

You will want a shaped cutter or an internal die cut if you value standing out on the shelf. Shapes disrupt our focus, as our eye passes down long rows of square and rectangular shapes it stops seeing. Then you see the odd, the weird the unexpected and bang you are forced to dither for a nano second. Just long enough to process a buy or pass by thought. Just long enough to increase sales!

Gin Labels Welsh Wind

Using a shaped label is FREE, EASY and sometimes, the most effective way to differentiate your product. Free? Yes free. You are going to have to die cut your label. Square, rectangle or shape it does not affect the cost. Easy? If you involve your printer from the design stages then yes it is easy.


Internal die cuts are serious differentiators. They can be used to incorporate the colour of the product or to draw the eye to print on the reverse side of the bottle.



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