Embossed Labels

What Makes Great Embossed Labels?

How can I make my embossed labels stand out? Embossing is a method of creating a three dimensional feel to your label. When we emboss an area of your self adhesive label we make it protrude from the rest of the design. Embossed labels are improved if you soften the edges, as this will give more height. It will also create a perception of increased value for the product you are labelling. Follow our tips below to make sure you are maximising the impact of your emboss.


2 Reasons Why You Should use Embossed Labels

  1. Less is More – Embossed labels adds an air of exclusivity. You are aiming to draw the consumer to the most important part of the label. That might be the branding, the product name or the logo. Choose one element and make the emboss exquisite. Your embossing should be similar to a light dab behind the ears of a fine perfume. Not doused like an adolescent boy in Brut 33 at a school disco.
  2. Play with the Senses – Why are you embossing your labels? Yes, they will look beautiful. Is that enough? The truth is, you are punching those fibres as high as you can because it will drive customer loyalty. Your product TASTES great. It is VISUALY exciting. Now you are going to tantalise with a sense of TOUCH. Running your finger over an embossed image is almost impossible not to do. It is like licking your lips after having a sugary doughnut. Don’t take our word for it, run your own experiment. Give friends and family embossed labels and count the seconds until their thumb gently glides over the embossed area. Forming yet another sensory neural pathway between your brand and their perception of quality.
Embossed labels

The 3 Things That Make Great Embossed Labels?

  1. Material Matters – Selecting the right label material is going to power your brand sales through the roof. So what is the right material for embossing? You want something fluffy full of air and thick. Think of it like a doorstop of white bread, soft spongey and malleable. Using the die tool, we are going to break some of those fibres and crush out the air in the bits we want to raise up. The more air in the paper the higher the emboss and everybody wants their emboss to be higher.
  2. Width Drives Height – The physics of embossing are simple. We have a female die and a male counterforce. The male counterforce smashes the material into the die. This bends the fibres and pushes the air out of the material creating a raised image. The height of that image is set by two factors. The length of the paper fibres. Too short, and they break and you end up with holes in your paper. The second factor is the width of the emboss at its thinnest part. The height anywhere else on the label will only ever go as high as this width. Try to make sure that everything you are going to emboss is as wide as the height you are trying to achieve.
  3. Embossing Has Many Flavours – When we talk of embossing many people think of the classic square emboss. There are several different shapes of emboss. These include The Bevel, The Rooftop and The Pillow. More experienced designers tend to go for these shaped finishes. They are kinder on the material fibres and therefore give you a higher and more structured finish.
Embossed label


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