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Texture is what epitomises a luxury brand. Luxury consumers are driven by touch more than they are by sight or taste. Luxury consumers stroke, paw, and fondle labels. And with a label that looks this good, who can blame them. That is why in order to elevate your label both physically and in the eye of your customer, your label should incorporate embossing and/or debossing.


Embossing pushes the paper up to create a raised surface. Debossing flattens the material to create an indent. Both of which take your label to another level and mean they are able to stand out on the shelf. Label Apeel are the UK's leading embossed label maker, why have less than the best?

Embossed label producer
Embossed label producer


Are we really that good? Yes we are. Order a copy of our portfolio to see a wide range of labels, materials and finishes. Gather inspiration, find out what's new and see how different techniques combine to create high impact labels.

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