Peel and Reveal Labels

Being able to maximise the label space for that all important branding and advertising capital, should be your goal when it comes to labels. Too often, secondary information is allowed to invade the primary advertising space. Because Peel and Reveal labels allow you to maximise the space underneath the label, they should be high up in your consideration of how to get the most from your labels.

Peel and Reveal Labels 1 .jpeg

The use of Peel and Reveal labels should not be just limited to maximising the primary marketing areas. It can become the marketing in its own right. By hiding something behind the first layer, a prize, additional features or access to a draw of some kind. You are able to create real engagement. Tie it in with variable data and you can create real engagement through web portals and apps. If you have not thought about it then we think you should.


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